Ten Hotels in the World Blessed With Gorgeous View

Gorgeous scenery and picturesque backdrops create ripples in every tourist’s mind, as they do not encounter this in their daily lives. If you were planning a holiday, then selecting hotels blessed with stunning scenic views would be the icing on the cake for the nature lovers.

There are several properties in the world, which have beautiful vistas be in urban destinations or mountain getaways. We have listed some of the best hotels across the world that offer stunning views that leave you in awe.

  1. Shangri-La Hotel in Paris


A 5-star rated hotel that makes you feel like a star. Placed in the most desirable city in France in the Trocadero region, you have the best seat in the house to capture the beautiful Eiffel Tower. The location is ideal to spend a romantic holiday with your loved one. At night, you will probably have to use the curtains as the bright light of the lit Eiffel Tower might disturb your sleep. Admire the iconic landmark that has united many couples from around the world. Don’t forget to capture these precious moments on your camera or smartphone. They would be cherished lifelong.

  1. Jade Mountain Resort in St. Lucia

maxresdefault - Copy

This five-star rated luxury resort in St. Lucia offers an exclusive private experience for adults only. Often visited by celebrities and couples who want the ultimate private moments in their romantic escape. The 24 suites at the famous Anse Chastanet Resort offers a magical landscape overlooking the dazzling the Caribbean Sea and the St. Lucia’s Pilton World Heritage site through the mountains that arise out of the far end of the water. Every room in this beautiful resort offers stunning scenic views of the sea and mountain.

  1. Belmond Sanctuary Lodge in Peru


Placed in the neighborhood of the 15th-century classic Incan site, Machu Picchu in Peru. Explore this beautiful site via train or bus or foot on the ancient Inca trail. With easy access to the ruins that was discovered by explorer Hiram Bingham, the lodge offers breathtaking views of the Huayna Picchu peaks and the Urubamba River valley. Visit these stunning destinations either early in the morning or towards late afternoon before sunset to beat the crowd. The scenic views from the room are incomparable to almost any hotel in the region. For the best seat in the house, select room no. 21.

  1. Caesar Augustus Hotel in Italy


Set on a towering cliff 1,000 feet above the Bay of Naples on the mesmerizing island of Capri, the ultra-luxurious Caesar Augustus offers an elegant and classical Roman architecture coupled with modern conveniences. Being surrounded by the Sorrento, Mount Vesuvius, and the Ischia Island, every room in the hotel offers scintillating views. One of the hotels that offer plenty of memorable moments with its world-class amenities and beautiful scenic views.

  1. The Lodge at the Golden Gate in San Francisco


Situated in the Golden Gate National Recreational Area north to the majestic Golden Gate Bridge. The guests enjoy unparalleled views of the San Francisco cityscape. The hotel houses 142 rooms and suites have been created in the Colonial style revival buildings that were once the officer’s residence at Fort Baker. The old deluxe rooms offer incredible views of the bay along the gas fireplaces. Several art services feature in the list of amenities for their guests.

  1. Hotel Hassler Roma in Italy

Hassler-Roma - itly

Set atop the Spanish steps in the neighborhood of Trinita Dei Monte Church, no other hotel in the region offers unparalleled luxury and incredible views of the Eternal City. Room no. 501 may be the best seat in the house offering stunning views of the Rome cityscape including the church towers, St. Peter’s and Janiculum Hill. If room no. 501 is not available; you can comprise with room no. 503, 506, and 620. Do visit the Imago, a favorite Italian Michelin-starred restaurant on the 6th floor of the hotel offers panoramic breath-taking views of the city.

  1. Katikies, Oia in Greece


Placed 300 feet above the Santorini’s glamorous blue caldera in the beautiful Oia village. This hotel offers stunning views from every corner. Cubed-style cottages, infinity pools, Jacuzzi, a sun deck, a barrage of majestic bridges, and unparalleled views of the Aegean Sea constitute the major attractions of this boutique hotel. The Ellinikon restaurant in the hotel offers a romantic ambiance with a secret verandah rooftop overseeing the caldera.

  1. The Regent Grand, Turks and Caicos


The latest feature in the fascinating condo resorts in the heart of Grace Bay. The Reagent Grand has redefined opulence coupled with picturesque landscapes with ocean facing suites and unlimited views of the sparkling turquoise waters at the edge of the golden sands. The resort also has excellent snorkeling facilities and offers one of the most mesmerizing sunsets you can ever imagine.

  1. The Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise in Canada

the_fairmont_chateau_lake_louise_02 - Copy

This legendary hotel built in 1892 in Alberta, Canada nestled in between snowcapped Rocky mountain peaks along pristine, glacial blue lakes. Being placed in the heart of the Banff National Park gives the guests impressive views of the Victoria Glacier and the lake. With plenty of hiking trails, canoeing, lakeside skating rink, and fishing opportunities, the hand-carved ice castle deserves a visit.

  1. Blanket Bay Lodge in New Zealand


This luxurious alpine lodge surrounded by rugged, snow-capped Southern Alps and the Lake Wakatipu. Often referred as one of the finest lodges in New Zealand offering peace and tranquility with stunning mountain vistas and incredible lake views. The hotel offers plenty of outdoor activities like hiking, fly-fishing, kayaking, heli-skiing, and horse riding, and much more. The beautiful furnishings in the room add to the modern amenities for the guests. Do visit the picturesque vineyards and wineries for some memorable moments during your holiday.


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